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Gable Frame Steel Structure Building Gable Frame Steel Structure Building

Gable frame steel structure building is a typical construction system. Its upper structure consists of steel of parapet, gutter, roof purlin, steel frame, and wall purlin, etc. This kind of building offers a series of advantages and features.
1. This product is lightweight and its steel volume of bearing structure is in the range of 20 kg to 50kg per square meter. Its dead weight ranges from 1/20 to 1/3 of reinforced concrete structure. Therefore, this structure greatly reduces damages from earthquake and lessens its foundation costs.
2. It comes with short construction period and high economic benefits.
3. The arrangement of columns is quite flexible.

Mechanical Principle
This product uses lateral bracing consisting of columns and beams as its main stressed structure. To improve its longitudinal stability, column bracing and roof bracing are available.

Constituent Parts
1. The main bearing frame is gable frame. Steel frame columns and beams are machined from H beam steel. All kinds of loads are passed to the house base by columns and beams.
2. Purline and wall beam are thin-walled, cold-formed steel sections usually C section steel and Z section steel. The steel section bears the pressure of roof and wall panels and passes to columns and beams.
3. Roof and wall cladding are pressed metal panel or color-steel sandwich panel.
4. Thermal insulation materials for roof and wall include polystyrene foam, polyurethane, rock wool, glass wool, etc.
5. All the braces including column bracing and roof bracing can be divided into two categories and they are rigid support and flexible support. The former is produced from hot rolled steel sections as angle steel. And the latter is round steel bar. The tie rod is circular steel tube.

Structure and Properties
1. Purline is used to ensure the integrity of this steel structure building, reducing the number of roof bracing. Most braces are made from round steel and are lightweight.
2. Columns and beams use rods with variable cross-sections, saving building materials. But these rods are thin, having a high demand for manufacturing, transporting and installing.
3. Frame member has smaller bending and torsional stiffness.

Our gable frame steel structure building is manufactured according to the domestic design standard CECS 102:2002 Technical Specification for Steel Structure of Light-weight Buildings with Gabled Frames. It is widely used in logistics center, hypermarkets, gymnasium, exhibition gallery, mobile homes, as well as lightweight factory or factory with lightweight crane or medium weight crane, and more.

Cross-section Properties
Generally speaking, transverse span is of 9 to 24 meters and column is ranging from 4.5 meters to 9 meters. When the transverse span of plant is within 15 meters and column height is less than 6 meters, the roof frame should adopt steel frame with uniform cross-section. Otherwise, steel frame with variable cross-section is applicable.

Basic Construction Plan
1. Steel of parapet
2. Gutter
3. Roof purlin
4. Steel frame
5. Knee-bracing for roof
6. Tie rod
7. Parapet
8. Skylight
9. Roof panel
10. Ventilation ridge
11. Ventilation ball
12. Ridge
13. Canopy
14. Wall panel
15. Brick wall
16. Window
17. Lateral bracing
18. Wall purlin
19. Tie rod
20. Steel column
21. Crane beam
22. Steel framed canopy
23. Door column
24. Knee-bracing for roof
25. Longitudinal bracing
26. Crane beam bracket
27. Wind-resistant column
Basic Forms
Typical Form
1. Span of steel frame
2. Bottom of steel column
3. Steel column
4. Connection beam and column
5. Steel beam
6. Connection beam and beam
7. Steel beam
8. Connection beam and beam
9. Clearance height
10. Height
With Crane Construction
1. Span of steel frame
2. Bottom of steel column
3. Steel column
4. Bracket for crane beam
5. Connection of crane beam and bracket
6. Crane beam
7. Connection beam and column
8. Steel beam
9. Connection beam and beam
10. Steel beam
11. Connection beam and beam
12. Clearance height
13. Height
With Sandwich Construction
1. Span of steel frame
2. Length of between columns
3. Length of between columns
4. Length of between columns
5. Length of between columns
6. Bottom of steel column
7. Bottom of steel column
8. Steel column
9. Column for mezzanine
10. Connection beam and column
11. Connection beam and column
12. Beam for mezzanine
13. Connection beam and column
14. Steel beam
15. Connection beam and beam
16. Steel beam
17. Connection beam and beam
18. Clearance height of first floor
19. Height of ground floor
20. Height

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