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Truss Steel Structure Building Truss Steel Structure Building

A truss steel structure building is a structural frame based on the geometric rigidity and stability of the triangle. It distributes tension and compression more effectively than other shapes. This product are routinely found in bridges and roofs where supporting great deals of weight is essential.

Main Features
Each component of truss steel structure building is mainly subjected to one-way tension and compression. Performing the reasonable arrangement of diagonal web member, top and bottom chord can be adapted to the bending moment and shear force distribution. It achieves its own balance due to the tension and compression in the horizontal direction. Therefore, there is no horizontal thrust to the support.

Compared with solid web girder, our truss steel structure building comes with higher bending strength because the tension and compression section are arranged on both ends. While in the aspect of shear resistance, it will pass shear force to the support gradually by reasonable arrangement of the web member. All in all, our product makes full use of materials strength, suitable for various span roof structures. More importantly, complicated stress states will be converted into simple tension and compression stress state, which enables us to learn about the force distribution and transmission.

Generally speaking, our truss steel structure building mainly consists of vertical member, diagonal web member, and top and bottom chord, usually used in flexural member. These components are either axial tension member or axial compression member. Under the action of external loads, the bending moment diagram and shear force diagram of simple truss steel structure building looks similar to that of simply supported beam. However, the loaded property of this product is totally different to the simply supported beam. Simply supported beam is subjected to the vertical uniform load. Bending moment and shear force along beam axis as well as normal and shear stress on cross-section are quite distributed uniformly. The top chords are in compression, and the bottom chords are in tension. At this moment, force couples come into being and used to balance the bending moment caused by the external loads. Shear force is balanced with vertical component of the diagonal web member.

1. The first classification system is mainly based on outline.
Parallel Chord Truss Steel Structure Building
It is convenient for the arrangement of double-decker and standardized production. However, its member force is not uniformly distributed.
Triangular Truss Steel Structure Building
Its inclined plane accords with the requirement of roof drain, but the member force distribution is not uniform and this product is difficult to construct and arrange.
Parabolic Truss Steel Structure Building
Being similar to the bending moment diagram of simply supported beam, it comes with material saving, uniform distribution of member force, but complicated construction.
Trapezoid Truss Steel Structure Building

2. The second classification system is based on geometric composition.
Simple Truss Steel Structure Building
Combined Truss Steel Structure Building
Complicated Truss Steel Structure Building

Truss steel structure building mainly bears the axial tension or pressure under load, thus making full use of the geometric rigidity and stability of materials. It is able to span a considerable distance, saving more materials than solid web girders. We supply various kinds of trusses. According to its outline or appearance, this kind of product can be divided into parallel chord truss, triangular truss, parabolic truss and trapezoid truss. By the geometric composition, it falls into three categories which respectively simple truss, combined truss and complicated truss. We can manufacture as per your detail drawing. Some guidance for installation is available.

We are an experienced truss steel structure building manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including sandwich panel assembled type container house, square tube, EPS sandwich panel, and more.

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