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Steel frame is an eco-friendly and energy-saving product, and widely used in high-rise buildings. So the demand for steel structural building material is growing gradually. We are a professional steel structural building material manufacturer. Our steel products have received extremely positive feedback throughout the market due to their reasonable price, full product specifications, and good performance. And our steel frame building material comes with high strength, high resistance to bending and good anti-impact properties. Compared with reinforced concrete structure, our steel frame is much lighter and has wider applications. It offers smaller section but bigger effective space. In addition, our steel frame also can create a good sense of space.

Other Products
  • EPS Sandwich PanelEPS sandwich panel takes color steel plate as surface layer, flame retardant polystyrene foam board as the core material, two component polyurethane as adhesives. It is manufactured by continuous heating and pressing, composite molding, and then cutting to length. Foam board integrates two layers of color steel plate by adhesives, and its compressive strength is about 100KPa.
  • PU Sandwich PanelOur PU sandwich panel not only has the various features of EPS sandwich panel, but also comes with difficult combustion properties and a wide range of operating temperature from -196 ℃ ~ + 130 ℃. What's more, this product offers many merits of small shrinkage ratio, no sign of embrittlement, non-toxic and no corrosion as well as low, stable, thermal conductivity. It is a heat insulating material, ideal for cold storage projects. Also, this product is widely used as the roof, wall of steel structure workshops, movable houses and integration ...