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Galvanized Bolt

Galvanized bolt consists of head and threaded rod which is a cylinder with external thread. It must be equipped with nut, designed for connecting two components with through-hole together, usually used as steel structural fastener of building structure, bridge, large-scale hoisting machinery, etc.

Our galvanized bolt is manufactured from Grade 8.8 carbon steel by galvanizing according to the international standard GB5783-86. It comes with high strength and high rigidity and its head style is outer hexagonal shape. As a fastener, this bolt is A Grade product and its thread tolerance is 4h. This product is characterized by a high gloss finish, high stability and reliability, as well as good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. It is simple to use, widely used in various kinds of construction projects.

Technical Data
Serial Number GB5783-86 Standard Type GB Standard Nominal Length General
Thread Size General Category Hexagon Bolt Surface Treatment Galvanizing
Application Fastener Thread Tolerance 4h Head Style Outer Hexagonal Shape
Product Grade Grade A Material Grade Carbon Steel Grade 8.8

As an experienced galvanized bolt manufacturer and supplier in China, SBS offers a comprehensive range of products that includes gable frame steel structure building, round tube, rockwool sandwich panel, high strength hex bolt, and more.

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  • Torsional Shear Type High Strength BoltThe high strength bolt is mainly designed to connect steel structural panels together. It is characterized by single use and permanent connection. By construction crafts, it falls into torsional shear type and large hexagon type. This product is improved from large hexagon type. Our torsional shear type high strength bolt is composed of main bolt body, nut and washer. Its tensile strength comes in 1040 ~ 1240 MPa and 830 ~ 1030 MPa.