Glass Fiber

Glass Fiber

Glass fiber is obtained from quartz sand, sodium tetraborate, etc. after melting at the temperature of 1400℃. By adopting the most advanced centrifugation technology, fibration of molten glass will occur. Some binder will be added into the liquid glass, and then fiber glass blanket comes into being after solidifying and molding process. At the moment, this product has many, thin fibers and its total surface area is quite large. Air resistance increases, preventing air from heat transfer. In a similar way, huge friction greatly diminishes air vibrations. Therefore, our product gives outstanding thermal insulation and sound absorption properties.

Features and Advantages
1. Our glass fiber offers good thermal insulation properties at high temperature or low temperature as well as homogeneous elastic restoring force.
2. This product is recognized as legal non-combustible material by various countries all over the world. Also, it generates non toxic gas.
3. It is able to absorb high, medium and low frequency sounds. Noise reduction effect is quite outstanding.
4. This glass fiber gives low hygroscopicity in cold or damp weather.
5. It has small coefficient of linear expansion and low aging rates.
6. Good machinability is provided.

Thickness Comparison of Various Building Materials
(Fiber Glass Blanket:12㎏/m3, 50m)
Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Mortar Adobe Timber (along the grain, pine wood grain) Plate Glass
50mm 1500mm 700mm 180mm 650mm
Comparison on Thermal Insulation Properties of Different Materials
Glass Fiber Rockwool Polyurethane Benzene Board
Thermal Insulation Properties 0.035-0.040w/m.k 0.04-0.45w/m.k 0.035-0.04w/m.k 0.004-0.045w/m.k
Fireproof Performance Grade A, Non Flammable, and Non Toxic Gas Grade A, Non Flammable, and Non Toxic Gas Grade B2, Toxic Gas Grade B3, Toxic Gas
Sound Absorption Properties Superior Superior Superior Superior
Workability Light Weight, Easy and Convenient Construction Heavy Weight, Much Dust, and Complicated Construction Complex Construction Simple Construction
Chemical Stability Stable, Ageing Resistance, and Corrosion Resistance Stable Unstable, Easily Corroded and Aged Being Freely Soluble in Ether, Acetone and Other Organic Solvents
Waterproof Performance Best Waterproof Performance Poor Waterproof Performance Good Waterproof Performance Better Waterproof Performance
Economic Performance Low Cost and High Performance Ratio Low Cost and High Performance Ratio High Cost High Cost

The above data show that glass fiber has best thermal insulation effect among these materials.

Our glass fiber offers less than 10kg/m3 apparent density. Its average fiber diameter is of within 7.6μm. Its thermal conductivity is not excess of 0.058 w/m.k below the temperature of 24 ℃. It has the features of small volume and density, low thermal conductivity, and good sound absorption properties. Apart from these features, this product is characterized by its good anti corrosion properties and superior chemical stability.

Technical Parameters of JHY-M10 Glass Fiber
Testing Standards Technical Parameters
Apparent Density GB/T5480.3 ≧10kg/m3
Mean Fiber Diameter GB/T5480.4 (microscopic method) ≦7.6μm
Shot Content GB/T5480.5 0%
Combustion Performance GB/8624 BS476 Grade A, Grade 0 (non-combustible material)
Shrinkage Temperature GB/T11835-1998 ≧250℃
Thermal Conductivity GB/T10294 ≦0.058w/m.k (average test temperature 24℃)
Hydrophobicity GB/T10299 ≧98%
Thermal Resistance Comparison
Thickness (mm) Thermal Resistance (m2.k/w)
50.0 1.0
75.0 1.3
100.0 1.6
120.0 2.0

We are an experienced glass fiber manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products, including gable frame steel structure building, sandwich panel assembled type container house, floor decking steel sheet and more.

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