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Gutter for Steel Structure

Generally speaking, gutter for steel structure falls into internal type and external type. The internal type refers to gutters within external wall and usually has parapet wall. And the rest of gutters all belong to the external type without parapet wall. This product can find its applications in roof drainage system of steel structural factory or other buildings.

To meet the requirements of buildings, our company has launched a large variety of gutters with different specifications. This gutter for steel structure adopts PVC, aluminum or colored steel, offering good corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance properties. It has many advantages of being lightweight, low maintenance cost, simple to transport and install. Apart from these features, our product comes in a long service life. In addition, our company is able to provide installation and operation guide to help users to freely operate.

SBS is an experienced gutter for steel structure manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We provide various types of products such as C section steel, modified container house, PVC waterfall pipe, and gable frame steel structure building.

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