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Our container house adopts international standard corner fitting which meets the ISO 1161: 1984 standard. The design, structure and raw materials are in accordance with the regulations and testing requirements of GB/T5338, GB/T7392 and GB/T16563. While slings are lifting through the top holes of four top corner fittings, the minimum load area of turnlock sling and top fittings should be 800mm2 (1.24in2). Raw materials need to perform the chemical elements analysis and mechanical tests. And analyzing and testing data must achieve the following requirements.

Performance Index
Items Symbols Units Class A Corner Fittings Class B Corner Fittings
Chemical Elements Carbon Content C % ≦0.23 ≦0.25
Sulphur Content S % ≦0.04 ≦0.04
Phosphorus Content P % ≦0.04 ≦0.04
Equivalent Carbon Content C.E. % <0.45 <0.45
Mechanical Tests Yield Limit σs MPa ≧274.6 ≧235.4
Strength Limit σb MPa ≧490.3 ≧441.3
Impact Force (-40℃, V-notch) J N.m ≧18 ≧18

Stacking Requirements
Maximum load capacity (848KN) of top corner fittings
Horizontal offset: 25.4mm (1 in)
Vertical offset: 38mm (11/2 in)

Maximum load capacity (954 KN) of bottom corner fittings mounted at horizontal base
Horizontal offset: 25.4mm (1 in)
Vertical offset: 38mm (11/2 in)

Compared with traditional house, container house is safe and convenient. Therefore, it enjoys an increasing recognition among users. This house is made of corner fitting and frame member. Our company supplies Class A and Class B container house corner fittings. They have less than 0.04% sulphur and phosphorus, coming with good anti corrosion properties and good machinability. Also, they are able to bear strong external forces because of their yield limit. Class A offers in excess of 274.6MPa yield limit, and Class B outnumbers 235.4MPa.

ISO International Standard Corner Fittings
Container House Corner Fittings Container House Corner Fittings Container House Corner Fittings
  1. Type 1
2. Type 2
3. Type 3
4. Type 4
1. Steel
A 101.5mm
B 178mm
C 162m
D 89mm
E 118mm
F 178mm
G 101.5mm
H 89mm
I 162mm
J 118mm

SBS is an experienced container house manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include sandwich panel assembled type container house, container house corner fittings, PU sandwich panel, truss steel structure building, and more.

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