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Container house is a construction product which is movable, prefabricated and reusable. Using standardized design as well as factory production, it takes cabinet as the elemental unit. This product is not only ideal for individual usage, but also suitable for spacious room application formed by various horizontal and vertical direction combinations. This house adopts section steel or cold-formed thin-wall steel by welding technology. Combined container house is connected and fastened by high strength screws. Therefore, it is simple, easy to install. Our product is ideally suitable for exhibition hall of Real Estate Development Company, product showroom, temporary reception center, temporary office, and store and so on.

Steel Framework
The steel framework is produced from square tube, 2.0mm ~ 4.0mm cold rolling bending plate, C section steel and steel rolling by welding technology. Eight international standard angle fittings are mounted on the top or bottom base of container house.

Corrosion Prevention
The sanding machine can eliminate ashes, scraps, oil, rust, oxide coating, as well as paint coating. Also, this machine removes welding slag, welding splashes and soluble salts, etc. on the surface of steel members. The stain removal reaches the level of St2.

1. The drainage pipes are hidden in the inside of four steel corner columns. Inserted into the holes of four corner fittings on the roof, these pipes are linked with each other from roof corner fittings to floor corner fittings.
2. The roof is welded by hermetic steel plates. This is free drainage method.

SBS is a professional container house manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including sandwich panel assembled type container house, modified container house, gable frame steel structure building, and more.

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