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Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure Company Ltd. is a leading Chinese manufacturer of container house and steel structure building products. In addition to high quality steel structural buildings and container houses, we also provide materials and components, such as our steel frame, wall and roof system, screws and bolts, waterfall pipe, container house corner fitting, and so on. Shengbang products are ideal for such buildings as a barn, factory, warehouse, gymnasium, logistics center, opera house, temporary building, and many other applications.

In order to ensure the quality, we manufacture our steel products using advanced production equipment, such as a multi head digital cutting machine, H type steel flange straightening machine, hydraulic pressure swing-type plate shears machine, punching machine, and more. In addition, we have a large-scale automatic paint spraying production line which weighs 100 tons. This painting machinery utilizes advanced automation techniques from Germany, and can process large-scale steel structure components that weigh up to 4 tons. This makes it possible to process workpieces with dimensions up to 12m*1m*3.7m, and large structures such as elevator components, steel structure workshop, and various heavy duty machines, as well as hardware components like power distribution cabinets. Thus, we can provide customers with high quality steel structure building materials, container house, and steel structure accessories.

At Shengbang, we are committed to reducing our production cost and controlling price to maximize the benefits of our customers. Our company has a complete facility in Foshan city, Guangdong province, in the Pearl River delta, where we have access to abundant labor, as well as convenient transportation. Foshan city is less than one hour from three traffic hubs, Guangzhou Railway Station, Nansha Port, and Baiyun International Airport. We are also near Hongkong and Macao. Due to the low cost of labor, production, and logistics, we are able to offer our quality steel structure accessories such as our expansion bolt, self tapping screw, wall and roof system, as well as steel structure building materials including C, Z section steel, I, H beam steel, and more, at reasonable prices.

With a highly talented research and development staff, we can create for our customers a blueprint design, detail drawing, perspective drawing, and construction drawing through the use of advanced design software. Thus, our quality steel structural building, container house, and related products have earned us an excellent reputation in international markets.

With superior quality products and competitive prices, we have established a global sales network of more than 30 countries and areas around the world, such as Oman, Ghana, Thailand, Congo, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Durban, South Africa, New Caledonia, Equatorial Guinea, and more. We look forward to serving even more international customers.

Main Products
  • Gable Frame Steel Structure Building This product is lightweight and its steel volume of bearing structure is in the range of 20 kg to 50kg per square meter. Its dead weight ranges from 1/20 to 1/3 of reinforced concrete structure. Therefore, this structure greatly reduces damages from earthquake and lessens its foundation costs.
    It comes with short construction period and high economic benefits.
    The arrangement of columns is quite flexible.
  • Truss Steel Structure BuildingCompared with solid web girder, our truss steel structure building comes with higher bending strength because the tension and compression section are arranged on both ends. While in the aspect of shear resistance, it will pass shear force to the support gradually by reasonable arrangement of the web member. All in all, our product makes full use of materials strength, suitable for various span roof structures. More importantly, complicated stress states will be converted into simple tension and compression stress state ...