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Specification: Monomer Size 2.5m*5.8m*2.74m
Main Products
  • Square TubeSquare tube refers to a kind of tubular product with equal sides. It is manufactured from Q235 hot rolled strip steel, cold rolled strip steel or plate rolling by cold bending cold forming, and then high frequency welding. Our product is usually used in the fields of construction, machinery manufacturing, ship building, house building, agriculture, and boiler construction, etc. It is also suitable for steel structure engineering, electric power engineering, solar power truss, power plant, airport, highway railing, and more.
  • EPS Sandwich PanelEPS sandwich panel takes color steel plate as surface layer, flame retardant polystyrene foam board as the core material, two component polyurethane as adhesives. It is manufactured by continuous heating and pressing, composite molding, and then cutting to length. Foam board integrates two layers of color steel plate by adhesives, and its compressive strength is about 100KPa.