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Specification: Monomer Size 6.06m*2.435m*2.59m
Main Products
  • H Beam SteelH beam steel is named by its H-shaped cross-section. It is convenient and simple to connect, manufacture, and install due to its parallel flanges. Compared with reinforced concrete structure, this H-shaped steel increases 6% in usable floor area, but decreases its dead load by 20% ~ 30%. In addition, this product can be manufactured into T-shaped steel, greatly meeting the requirements of engineering projects.
  • Square TubeSquare tube refers to a kind of tubular product with equal sides. It is manufactured from Q235 hot rolled strip steel, cold rolled strip steel or plate rolling by cold bending cold forming, and then high frequency welding. Our product is usually used in the fields of construction, machinery manufacturing, ship building, house building, agriculture, and boiler construction, etc. It is also suitable for steel structure engineering, electric power engineering, solar power truss, power plant, airport, highway railing, and more.