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Specification: Monomer Size 6.06m*2.435m*2.59m
Main Products
  • EPS Sandwich PanelEPS sandwich panel takes color steel plate as surface layer, flame retardant polystyrene foam board as the core material, two component polyurethane as adhesives. It is manufactured by continuous heating and pressing, composite molding, and then cutting to length. Foam board integrates two layers of color steel plate by adhesives, and its compressive strength is about 100KPa.
  • Rockwool Sandwich PanelRockwool sandwich panel offers up to 600 ℃ operating temperature and grade A non-flammability, therefore greatly expanding its range of application and being a light-duty panel suitable for those buildings which has a high demand on fire resistance rating. However, compared with EPS and PU sandwich plate, this product is not so outstanding in some aspects including dead weight, heat conduction, compressive strength, and water-intake rate.