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Steel structure house adopts steel products as its primary materials. Compared with reinforced concrete and brick construction, our steel structure building is characterized by its light weight, earthquake resistance design, and short construction time. Apart from these features, its comprehensive cost is low. It is usually used in high-rise, long span and complex structure buildings which come with heavy loading, strong vibration, and large lifting capacity crane. Also, this structure is ideally suitable for movable house, multi-story building, stadium, opera house, television tower, warehouse, temporary construction, etc.

  • Base Installation
  • Installation of Upright Columns
  • Installation
    of Wall Purlins
  • Installation
    of Roof Beam
  • Roof Purlins

  • Lateral Support
  • Installation of Wall Panel
  • Installation of Roof Boarding
  • Installation of Roof Boarding
  • Project Completion

Structure Chart

Ⅰ Side elevation
1. 50mm Sandwich panel
2. Aluminum alloy window

Ⅱ Front and back elevation
1. Aluminum alloy window
2. Auto rolling shutter door
3. 50mm sandwich panel
4. 50mm sandwich panel for roof

Main Products
  • Rockwool Sandwich PanelRockwool sandwich panel offers up to 600 ℃ operating temperature and grade A non-flammability, therefore greatly expanding its range of application and being a light-duty panel suitable for those buildings which has a high demand on fire resistance rating. However, compared with EPS and PU sandwich plate, this product is not so outstanding in some aspects including dead weight, heat conduction, compressive strength, and water-intake rate.
  • Torsional Shear Type High Strength BoltThe high strength bolt is mainly designed to connect steel structural panels together. It is characterized by single use and permanent connection. By construction crafts, it falls into torsional shear type and large hexagon type. This product is improved from large hexagon type. Our torsional shear type high strength bolt is composed of main bolt body, nut and washer. Its tensile strength comes in 1040 ~ 1240 MPa and 830 ~ 1030 MPa.