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  • Container House Corner FittingsOur container house adopts international standard corner fitting which meets the ISO 1161: 1984 standard. The design, structure and raw materials are in accordance with the regulations and testing requirements of GB/T5338, GB/T7392 and GB/T16563. While slings are lifting through the top holes of four top corner fittings, the minimum load area of turnlock sling and top fittings should be 800mm2 (1.24in2). Raw materials need to perform the chemical elements analysis and mechanical tests.
  • Container House Steel ComponentsOur container house steel components include bottom steel frame, top steel frame, column and walls. Bottom steel frame uses high precision cold-rolled sheet and top steel frame consists of EPS, or PU, or rockwool sandwich panels which offer these features of anti-aging, non-discolouring, light and sun resistance. And rockwool sandwich panel also has good fire resistance, thermal insulation and sound absorption. In addition to this, our container house is covered with galvanized steel cover sheet that has excellent anti ...