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Light Steel Container Office

SBS is a specialized steel structure building and container house manufacturer in China. We provide a wide range of products, including light steel framed assembled container house, gable frame steel structure building, modified container house, and more.

Main Products
  • Torsional Shear Type High Strength BoltThe high strength bolt is mainly designed to connect steel structural panels together. It is characterized by single use and permanent connection. By construction crafts, it falls into torsional shear type and large hexagon type. This product is improved from large hexagon type. Our torsional shear type high strength bolt is composed of main bolt body, nut and washer. Its tensile strength comes in 1040 ~ 1240 MPa and 830 ~ 1030 MPa.
  • PU Sandwich PanelOur PU sandwich panel not only has the various features of EPS sandwich panel, but also comes with difficult combustion properties and a wide range of operating temperature from -196 ℃ ~ + 130 ℃. What's more, this product offers many merits of small shrinkage ratio, no sign of embrittlement, non-toxic and no corrosion as well as low, stable, thermal conductivity. It is a heat insulating material, ideal for cold storage projects. Also, this product is widely used as the roof, wall of steel structure workshops, movable houses and integration ...