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Our company is a professional manufacturer of steel structure building and container house. We are dedicated to offering steel structure building materials such as C section steel, I beam steel, square tube, etc., wall and roof system like EPS sandwich panel, various kinds of container house, as well as container house materials. In addition to this, customers also can purchase some steel structural accessories as galvanized bolt, self tapping screw, glass fiber from us. Our products are usually used in high-rise, long span and complex structure buildings characterized by heavy loading, large lifting capacity crane, and strong vibration. Meanwhile, they are found in multi-story building, stadium, opera house and temporary construction, etc.

To control the price of our products, our employees work diligently to save our transport costs including material and finished product transportation. There is a general principle in our company. That is small profits but quick turnover. Apart from these strategies, our company cultivates many high standards of designers to save the labor costs. There are many skilled and experienced technicians in our company. Furthermore, we adopt the standardize management system to reduce the production costs. These reasons are why our company can provide quality products at reliable and competitive price.

Additionally, our company can perform our own research and development. We are able to use the advanced design software for blueprint, perspective drawing, working drawing, and detail drawing, etc. as per customers' requirements.