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We are engaged in the design, development, manufacture and installation of steel structure building and container house. Also, our company can provide OEM services according to the special conditions. Our clients just need send to us your design drawings.

Our quality services fall into pre-sale, the sale of services, and post-sale stages. In terms of pre-sale service, we will deliver some small samples and documents about company profile. Therefore, our clients will be interested in our product. If the sample comes with small size and light weight, our company is pleasure to offer free samples. However, if the sample is intended for some specific projects, our company needs to charge proper fees from our clients taking production process and requirements into account.

In the second stage, we will do our best to solve problems during selling process. Our product inspection is strictly implemented. If there are some problems such as quick- wear parts, our staff will immediately deal with them and provide qualified products for clients. For steel structure buildings, the delivery time is 30 days. Certainly, we need to adopt the flexible delivery method. That is to say, we may deliver the goods in installments.

As for the post-sale service, we can offer foundation drawing, installation chart, and some construction notes and specifications. Also, some extra steel structural accessories will be offered to replenish depleted elements during the installation process and achieve the goal of accomplishing the whole project. The warranty period is determined by negotiation with clients. Within this period, we will replace the broken components caused by poor quality to avoid project delay.

In addition to this, we are able to provide other special services. For instance, we can design and modify the drawing according to customers' needs. For project installation, some engineers will be sent to the construction spot for guiding the installation. If necessary, two or three people are available to help customers to finish the project as soon as possible.

Main Products
  • Truss Steel Structure BuildingCompared with solid web girder, our truss steel structure building comes with higher bending strength because the tension and compression section are arranged on both ends. While in the aspect of shear resistance, it will pass shear force to the support gradually by reasonable arrangement of the web member. All in all, our product makes full use of materials strength, suitable for various span roof structures. More importantly, complicated stress states will be converted into simple tension and compression stress state ...
  • Sandwich Panel Assembled Type Container HouseSandwich panel assembled type container house is characterized by its competitive price, modular assembly, convenience and efficiency, ideal for temporary residence of construction site, temporary office, schools, and low-income housing, etc. It consists of sandwich panel roof system, sandwich panel wall and steel frame. In our company, EPS sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel and rockwool sandwich panel are optional. As for choosing which kind of sandwich panel, our company will offer the best plan for our users according ...