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Specification: 107.9m*140.1m*13.33m
Main Products
  • C Section SteelBeing light weight, C section steel is manufactured by hot rolling and cold bending process. It comes with high strength and good cross-sectional properties. Compared with traditional channel steel, our product will save 30% materials. It is widely used in purlins or wall beams or to combine into light-duty roof trusses and brackets. In addition, this product is ideal for columns, girders, arms, etc. of light manufacturing industry.
  • Floor Decking Steel SheetFloor decking steel sheet or composite floor decks refers to a kind of profiled metal sheet, coming with high rigidity, tensile strength or compressive strength. It is considered as permanent template of concrete floor. Also it combines with concrete, resulting in forming composite floor decks. This product can save a large number of permanent templates and framework supports. Also, the volume of concrete is reduced and its permanent load is decreased. Our sheet is ideally suitable for high- rise building and earthquake zone.