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Compared with reinforced concrete and brick construction, steel structure house or construction comes with outstanding features of light weight, good earthquake resistance performance, easy installation and short construction time. This construction or house has various designs and various specifications. The open type and wide span layout enables construction space to be reasonably partitioned or divided. Therefore, the comprehensive cost is low.

Steel structure house uses steel as its primary material. Its main load-carrying components include steel column, steel beam, foundation, and steel roof frame. This structure is commonly used in high-rise, long span and complex structure buildings which are characterized by heavy loading, large lifting capacity crane, and strong vibration. Also, it is ideal for high temperature workshop, buildings with severe demand for leakproofness, movable house or frequently assembled house. In addition, it is widely found in multi-story building, stadium, opera house, modern bridge, television tower, warehouse, workshop, temporary construction and so on.

Main Products
  • PU Sandwich PanelOur PU sandwich panel not only has the various features of EPS sandwich panel, but also comes with difficult combustion properties and a wide range of operating temperature from -196 ℃ ~ + 130 ℃. What's more, this product offers many merits of small shrinkage ratio, no sign of embrittlement, non-toxic and no corrosion as well as low, stable, thermal conductivity. It is a heat insulating material, ideal for cold storage projects. Also, this product is widely used as the roof, wall of steel structure workshops, movable houses and integration ...
  • Rockwool Sandwich PanelRockwool sandwich panel offers up to 600 ℃ operating temperature and grade A non-flammability, therefore greatly expanding its range of application and being a light-duty panel suitable for those buildings which has a high demand on fire resistance rating. However, compared with EPS and PU sandwich plate, this product is not so outstanding in some aspects including dead weight, heat conduction, compressive strength, and water-intake rate.