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Specification: 23.75m*17.8m*8m
Main Products
  • Z Section SteelAs a kind of common thin-walled cold-formed steel, Z section steel comes with 1.6 ~3.0mm in thickness and 120 ~ 350mm in height. It is manufactured by hot rolling, painting or galvanizing with strict adherence to the GB50018-2002 Standard. This product usually finds its application in large span steel structure workshop.
  • I Beam SteelHot rolled I beam steel, also called steel girder, is strip steel product with I shaped cross-section. Its cross-sectional size is represented by web height * flange thickness * web thickness in millimeter. For instance, the "I 160×88×6" stands for 160mm web height, 88mm flange thickness and 6mm web thickness. The other marking method is represented by model or web height in centimeter, e.g. I 16 #. If the product with the same web height but different web thickness and different flange width, you can add these letters ...